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Today In The News: The Supreme Court and Abortion

The Supreme Court of the U.S. decided today against protections for women who use abortion clinics.

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From the USA TODAY article linked above:

The state had argued that the restrictions — requiring clinics to meet surgical-center operating standards and doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals — were necessary to protect women’s health. Abortion rights advocates said that by adding delays and distance to the obstacles women face, the medical risks would only rise.

Some would argue that Texas was trying to place “restrictions” in order to limit access to abortion. Well, that would certainly be true. If we are to value ALL of human life, then we must choose to do whatever is possible to limit the destruction or devaluation of human life in all the ways that it happens.

But, if we simply look at the merits of the case itself, what we see here is a desire to protect the lives, not only of babies, but also of women who go through an abortive procedure. Abortion can lead to potentially major health complications for the mother and her child in future pregnancies. Go here to find some links to books and articles written on this subject.

I am not an expert on everything having to do with abortion laws, but I do know this: God is the author of life. From the very first chapter of the Book of Genesis we know that God is a Creator. God values human life above all else. Multiple times in Genesis chapter 1, God declares that his creation is good. But, right after he creates humans and assigns them a specific task, God finally declares in verse 31, “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!”

Only after his creation of humans does God consider his creation to be exceedingly good. My hope and prayer is that God continues to change hearts in our nation to value ALL of human life, protecting, guarding, and caring for those who are most vulnerable.