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Calling: Receiving and Completing

There is a time difference between receiving a call and completing a call.

If someone invites me today to a Dodger’s baseball game for the 2014 season, I am well aware  that the time difference between receiving that invitation to completing that invitation will be a few months.

In our microwave culture, we tend to believe that everything is NOW.  Waiting is no longer a part of our culture.  Patience, one of the fruit of the Spirit found in the book of Galatians, is no longer much of a virtue.

I have met many people who have received a “call” from God upon their lives.  God has told them they are called to do something specific…maybe be a pastor, or a missionary, or something else of the sort.

Then, in a tragic moment, they decide that everything must change instantly.  They believe the call is for right now.  They pack everything up, throw caution to the wind, leave people hanging, and run off, proclaiming that they are somehow being obedient to God.

Now, while there are moments when God calls us to do something immediately, I believe there are many more moments when the time period between receiving the call and completing the call is quite large.

Take the life of King David, found in 1st and 2nd Samuel, as an example.  The difference in time between being called (anointed) as a king and actually becoming king was many years.  During that time, God continued to mold his character, give him influence, teach him many things, and bring the right people into his life.

My advice?  Slow down.  Wait on God.  Submit to authority in your life.  Then GO, when the time is right.