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Turning Stones


I love The Food Network. And, HGTV as well. They’re both channels that I could binge watch all day. They’re both channels I HAVE binge watched all day…but fortunately not recently!

Chef Chris Cosentino, a host on The Food Network, believes that no part of an animal should be wasted in the process of cooking. Use it all!

If we expand this concept to our daily lives, it might sound like this:

Don’t waste any opportunity you have. Don’t waste any resource at your disposal.

How often do we allow different aspects of our lives…abilities, financial resources, influential relationships, new opportunities, etc…simply to be wasted because we don’t take advantage of them?

Proverbs 12:27 says,

   “Lazy people don’t even cook the game they catch, but the                    diligent make use of everything they find.”

The question is this: Are you being diligent?

Are you using every resource, every opportunity, every relationship at your disposal? We are not talking about abuse here, or simply “using” stuff. Not at all! But if God has given you something to be used, then it is a failure to not develop it.

I realized this a couple of months ago as I started to do a bit of fundraising. I realized that there were people ready and willing to donate to things I was developing, but wouldn’t have donated if I didn’t let them know what I was doing!

There’s a common English phrase that is used many times: “Leave no stone unturned”.

Are you turning over every stone around you to maximize the potential that exists? Don’t miss out or let go of your God-given opportunities and resources.

Live to the max!