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Freedom And Sacrifice

1-03-17-freedom and sacrifice
freedom and sacrifice

We all desire freedom. The longing for it is built into each and every one of us. But there is one truth we must understand in order to be free, and it begins with this: Freedom and Sacrifice go together.

There is no escaping it. Every single person who wants to live free is going to experience sacrifice, loss, and difficulty. Now, this leads us to the simple truth: You choose the order.

We can choose freedom first, which leads to sacrifice as the result of it. Or, we can choose to sacrifice first, which leads to freedom at the end of it.

The question is the following: Which is the correct order?

Since we’ve just passed through the holidays, we have all experienced the “freedom first, sacrifice second” order of things.

-You ate too much food (freedom), then suffered the consequences      of that later (sacrifice).

-You spent more than your budget allowed for Christmas gifts                  (freedom), and now have to deal with the debt that follows                      (sacrifice).

-You waited too long to buy your gifts due to procrastination                   (freedom), and now, because of not getting the right gifts, you’ve         got some family members mad at you (sacrifice)!

Now, if the order was reversed, what would that look like?

-Eating the right amount of food (sacrifice) and feeling good later          because of it (freedom)!

-Spending within your budget for gifts (sacrifice) and realizing that        you are set up financially well for the new year (freedom)!

-And so on.

I suggest that the best order is to sacrifice first, then experience freedom second.

I believe that what comes in second place overshadows what was done in the first place. What I mean by this is that whenever sacrifice is placed first, the freedom that results is even greater than the sacrifice that was taken. When freedom is placed first, the sacrifice that results is even greater than the freedom that was taken.

The conclusion is this: The person who desires greater amounts of freedom should always place sacrifice first in the equation.

Do you desire freedom? Freedom in finances, in relationships, in your relationship with God, in the business you lead or work in? The pathway to that freedom is  a pathway of sacrifice.

The reason why most New Year’s Resolutions don’t work is because most people are committed to the end goal (freedom), without willing to endure the pathway (sacrifice) to get there. Or better said, most people want the freedom that their resolution gives first, so they were never really committed to the sacrifice of that resolution.

What sacrifices do you need to make today in order to experience greater amounts of freedom tomorrow?

Commit to it and you will see your life go to the next level!