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6 Reasons Why I Liked the Movie FROZEN

Yes, the movie has been out awhile.  But, I saw it with the family for the first time yesterday.

I don’t typically do movie reviews.  But, I have to write this one.

Let me first start with what Frozen is missing: God.  There is no mention of him and he IS the source of all that is good, right, and lovely.

Barring that, the movie was amazing.  Here are my reasons why:

1. I loved the graphics.  Sure, it may not be as “amazing” as some other animated films out there, but there were definitely some beautiful scenes.

2. I loved the message.  It was all about the power of love to heal a frozen heart.  And that is true!  It was about how the enemy of our lives (and of love) is fear.  I think I remember a Bible verse about that…you can read it here.

3. I loved HOW they used magic.  I’ve got small kids, so I’m concerned when magic gets too weird and too dark.  It has been that way in other Disney movies.  It was NOT like that in this movie.  For that I am thankful.  In fact, the magic could be taken as a “physical” expression of the emotional reality of the queen.  So, the magic was not the focus…it actually pushed the viewer to focus on what the message of the movie was really about: love.

4. Who doesn’t love happy trolls?

5.  I was pleasantly surprised (spoiler alert) that the love that was required to heal a frozen heart was not the romantic love (the kiss of the prince/man/etc.) that is found in many other Disney movies, but the sacrificial love of one person giving their life for another.  Unexpected and very good.

6. I liked that the storyline did not follow the typical trajectory of an evil person vs a good person.  While there were “bad” people in the movie, the main battle was a battle of the heart.  In life, that is so important.  Our main battle is not other people, but the one that takes place in our hearts.

I’m sure there are others…but this is what I’ve thought of up until now!

If you haven’t watched it yet…see it!