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Justin Bieber Arrested!

There are plenty of people who love Justin Bieber.

And plenty who hate him.

Just look at the Twitter feeds surrounding his arrest, or any comments at the end of various articles and you will realize there are many who fall into both categories.

I don’t know where you stand. I don’t know whether you’re a Belieber or not. And I don’t care.

With his recent arrest, opinions have been out in full force!

And here’s the truth: most all of those who love him will continue to love him. Those who hate him will simply hate him more.

So, not much has changed in the grand cosmic sense of everything.

Justin Bieber may have wide influence, yet he still remains as only one person, with a heart and soul, on a journey, finding his way day by day.

Being in the spotlight, especially at his age, is a completely different level of pressure than most any of us have experienced. I wouldn’t have wished that on myself and I definitely don’t wish it on my children. So, what do we do as believers (not Beliebers) in Jesus?

I simply recommend one thing: PRAY.

Pray for God to lead him clearly. Pray for God to put the right people around him. Pray for God’s abundant grace to meet him exactly where he is at.

What do you think?