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Have We Lost Our Humanity?

Recently, the pope commented on his belief that unemployment can cause many problems.

I agree. (You can read an article about it here.)

It’s not just that the lack of jobs causes financial problems.  I believe that the ability to work combined with the actual doing of work is one of the fundamental gifts given by God to man (by “man”, I mean man and woman).

When we are able to work, we feel that we are contributing something significant to society.  We feel that ultimately there is something of inherent value inside of us that is useful.

When we don’t (or can’t) work, we are left feeling as if there is no purpose for us to exist.  After all, if you or I do not have anything of value to offer, then what’s the point of being here?

In Acts 20:35, Paul mentions the words of Jesus, saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

When we work, we know that we are going to receive (payment, awards, recognition, etc.), but the value that we feel is directly related to the fact that we contributed something.

We feel good about the pay because we contributed something in order to earn it.

We feel good about the award or recognition because we contributed something of value that was recognized by others.

At the end of the day, everything we get back is directly related to the fact that we accomplished or contributed something.

With this in mind, it reminds me of some other articles that I read recently.  They talked about how federal government programs that exist to help people are actually hurting people.  You can read about them here and here.

My goal here is not political.  But, the reality is that we are in a difficult economic reality in our country.  My hope and prayer is that BOTH parties (Republicans and Democrats) will find common ground to do work in such a way that will actually increase the availability of work for other people in this nation.  The unemployment in our country is still stubbornly high (check out one of those measures here).

Jobs help create value.  May more people find more work.