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When You Miss The Fireworks


2016-07-04 21.21.28-1

I was incredibly frustrated yesterday. There I was, thinking what a great day July 4th was, spending it with friends and family, when all of a sudden it all went downhill.

The one thing that everyone looks forward to on July 4th is the fireworks. Well, at least I think everyone looks forward to them.

It was around 9pm, and we were together with family outside, waiting for the fireworks to start. All of a sudden, my wife Evelyn says, “Your child”…well…she didn’t actually say child, she said the child’s name, but I decided to not write their name in order to protect the identity of the accused child.

Let’s start over. She said, “Your child needs to go the bathroom. Do you want me to take them or will you?”

Now, there are two things to note here. First of all, when women give you (men) a choice, it really is only the appearance of a choice. Please learn this lesson, men. You’ll thank me for it later.

But in this case, my wife actually did give me a choice.

So, the second thing to note: I am just an amazing father. Yes I am. And I say that in all humility. Truly I do. You’ll just have to believe me. And amazing as I am, I chose to sacrifice myself for the good of the family in order to take this child of mine to the restroom inside the house.

Once inside the house and the child securely situated in the restroom, I heard a loud bang. Then another one. And another. The fireworks had started! I was anxiously waiting to get back outside to watch the fireworks.

As time kept passing by, I was wondering what was taking so long in the bathroom. You would have thought this child of mine was writing a book in there!

As I was waiting, I was getting more and more frustrated, thinking about how I was going to miss the fireworks all because of a bathroom trip. Couldn’t they have asked to go 10 minutes earlier? What perfect timing!

Eventually, this child of mine made it out of the bathroom, and we went outside to watch the rest of the fireworks. All of my worry and frustration was for nothing. I still saw the majority of the fireworks. It was a great show.

This happens to all of us at some point. We miss something we were ready for. We encounter a situation that is out of our control. We deal with a circumstance that was not caused by us. This happens everywhere…at work, in our families, in life in general.

We have to remind ourselves of this simple truth: Life is never as bad as we think it is.

There is always something to enjoy. There is always something to be thankful for. Don’t ruin the future positive moments by wallowing in present negativity. Your circumstance might be difficult right now, but you will make it through and experience blessing on the other side.

What will you do when you miss the fireworks?

Keep moving!