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6 Reasons Why You Should Fast

A few days ago, I began a 40 day fast along with my church family. I’m so proud of my two older kids who have also joined in the fast!

I wanted to give a few reasons why I believe fasting is helpful for those who do it. Fasting helps us to…

1. Create healthy habits. Over time, it is easy to fall into habits that are unhealthy in multiple areas of our lives. Emerging into a fast causes us to reevaluate those very habits and gives us the opportunity to bring order where disorder has existed.

2. Deepen our dependency on God. A true fast removes things from our lives that are impossible to live (at least for long) without. This is why fasting food is so important. When we fast something that we not only desire, but need, our only choice is to depend on God for strength.

3. Reorder our priorities. On occasion, we lose sight of the things that are truly important. When we spend time to fast and pray, we get a renewed understanding of those things that are important in our lives.

4. Create sensitivity to God. When we are stressed, tired, lonely, or angry, we tend to be more sensitive. While many times this sensitivity leads us to do negative things, the opposite can be said about fasting. When we fast and go without, we are definitely sensitive. But, this sensitivity leads us to Jesus, rather than further away.

5. Transform our hearts. When we are sensitive to God and depend more on him, we create space in our lives for God to work inside of us. Have you been dealing with major hurts or pain? Addictions? Negative thoughts? Doubts or fears? Fasting is a powerful way to let God transform us from the inside out.

6. Disconnect from distractions. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with things that compete for our attention. There is not enough time each day to pay attention to all the information and stimuli that is available to us. When we fast, we have the opportunity to disconnect from those distractions and to connect to that which is most important.

Do you have other reasons why you believe it’s good to fast? Feel free to share!