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The Pain of Riches

The Pain of Riches

Right now, I am reading the book of Proverbs. As one of the 66 books of the Bible, it’s unique in that its focus is not about recounting history, but about sharing wisdom about daily life.

There have been many proverbs from the book that have stood out to me recently. One of those is the following, found in Proverbs 13:8. It says,

   “The rich can pay a ransom for their lives, but the poor won’t even get      threatened.”

It’s a pretty simple saying, but it packs a big punch. It compares to classes of people, using money as the connecting factor. This proverb basically admits to a simple reality…while the rich person might be able to get out of a threatening situation with the money they have, the poor person would never find themselves in that threatening situation to begin with.

The equation in this proverb is the following: be rich = get kidnapped, be  poor = live in peace.

Now, this proverb is not simply about being rich or poor. And it’s not really about being kidnapped. It’s communicating this important truth:

With greater riches comes greater difficulty.

Now, let’s expand the concept of being rich. Riches can apply to money, influence, power, relationships, resources,, etc. The richer you are in any area of your life brings with it corresponding difficulties.

Maybe you want to own your own business, build a successful product, gain a lot of influence, or simply do something BIG in some area of your life. Understand that by doing so, you open yourself up to a cost that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.

So, go for it! Accomplish big dreams and big goals, but be ready for the difficulty that comes with living your life at that level.

If you’re ready for the sacrifice, you’ll be ready for the success that the sacrifice will bring. Climb your mountain, but count the cost ahead of time.

May your 2017 be a year of incredible success!