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Creating Church Culture

Church Culture

Culture is one of those important things that exists in every church (and organization) that will have a huge impact on all that you do.  By culture, I am referencing those shared attributes that make up the unique identity of the church you lead. How do you go about creating church culture?

There are many component parts that make up your church. The list is endless:

  • Mission and Vision
  • Goals
  • Departments
  • Ministries and Teams
  • Volunteer development
  • Training
  • Leadership development
  • Administration
  • Systems and processes

I could go on!

Here’s an important truth about all of it: Your church culture is the most important factor in your success.

No joke! You could have the most incredible group of people. You might have an important vision as well. But, if your culture is not right, then everything else fails. Sam Chand says, “Culture—not vision or strategy—is the most powerful factor in any organization.”

And here’s a secret for you. Your church already has a culture whether you have planned for it or not. Wouldn’t it make more sense if you go about developing the culture you want to have, rather than simply existing what’s already there?

Culture has to do with the way that people relate to each other, the way that work gets done, the way that celebration happens (if at all). Culture is about how everyone journeys together to get to wherever your church is going.

I encourage you to take a first step today and simply do this: Look around. Before you can change anything, you need to grasp what your current cultural identity actually looks like. Watch how people interact together, pay attention to what happens in your different environments, and most of all, have someone examine the way that YOU lead. Your church is on a journey, and it’s important to understand the view while you’re on it.

After looking around, take a few moments and put into words what best describes the culture of your church. From there, you’re ready to get busy with the task of creating the culture you want to have in your church!