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Are You At The Point Of Breakthrough?

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Are you at the point of breakthrough?

The breakthrough point is the liminal moment when you are about to pass from one reality to another one.

It’s when your project is almost dead, but suddenly you see a ray of light – an answer – a way out that will bring it back to life.

It’s when your basketball team is down by 10 points with 20 seconds to go, but suddenly everything starts to click, and the distance goes from 10, to 8, to 5, to 2…

It’s when your marriage is on the rocks, but suddently you realize a new truth about what needs to happen, and you begin to rebuild, step by step.

The breakthrough point is a powerful point in every human’s life.

But, you must understand something about EVERY breakthrough:

At this point you’re wondering why you’re even reading my words! But, bear with me!

You see, complacency carries a certain amount of pain, but not much of it. When anyone decides to deal with an issue in order to achieve a breakthrough, that is when the greatest amount of pain starts.

Imagine this…you’re 50 pounds overweight (some of us don’t have to imagine this)! And no, I’m not talking about you!

But, if you were 50 pounds overweight, you would have a certain amount of pain…discomfort, acid reflux, minor back pain, etc.

There is pain to complacency. But, when you decide finally that you want to shed that weight and get in shape, all of a sudden you have a whole other level of pain: early mornings, a proper diet, sore muscles from working out, etc.

At that point, your level of pain dramatically intensifies. This is the same if you want to get out of debt, build a successful business, change your marriage, live a more moral life, or anything else.

But, there is a promise on the other side! The pathway to your success requires pain, but once you breakthrough, you will experience the euphoria of a major change in your life. At that point, the pain becomes worth it!

Maybe you’re going through an incredible amount of pain right now in some area of your life. You’re wondering when it’s going to end. You wish it would just stop.

Let me ask you this: Could it be that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough?

Get ready…it’s coming!