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Do This When You Screw Up

I am on the email list of a local restaurant named City Wok. The five or six times I’ve been there have been enjoyable…both the food and the service.

Apparently they had a promotion going on that I completely missed and it was a major FAIL.

Here’s what the owner sent to my email just a few minutes ago:

City Wok Apology

What are some takeaways from this?

1. Total ownership of the mistake. There’s no blame except on his own failure

2. Immediate apology. He didn’t wait a week, or even a few days. This was sent today, and the problem occurred yesterday.

3. Recognition of what went wrong. He explained why they faced the problems they did.

4. Thankfulness for his team. In the customer service business, it’s not the employee that gets the blame…it’s the comany that gets it. He makes sure that while he takes full responsibility for the error, he thanks his team for all they do.

5. His commitment to not make the same mistake again.

6. His invitation to continue supporting their company. This is huge. He doesn’t apologize then close up shop. He apologizes, then requests his patrons to continue supporting the business.

Is this the type of leadership you show for what you are in charge of? I encourage you to follow this incredible example!