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The Growth Process

Growth is natural, but it is not automatic.

Many people simply think that in order for a person to grow, they don’t have to do much of anything.


Think about it…if a child doesn’t eat food, they don’t grow! In fact, they’ll die.

So, what leads to growth in our lives? How can we choose to intentionally grow more each and every day?

I’ve developed what I call the “Growth Process”. It’s a simple process that if intentionally followed, will lead to growth in any area of a person’s choosing.

Growth is a circular reality, with one thing leading to the other. Let’s begin with the results.


  1. After taking action in some area of our life
  2. After not taking action in some area of our life
  3. After experiencing something that happens to us (outside of our control)

These results lead to a lesson learned. There is always a lesson learned. Even not learning anything is a lesson learned, since what you believe to have learned is that the results have nothing to teach you.


  1. Positive lessons (who I can become, what I can change, where I can go, what I can do, etc.)
  2. Negative lessons (someone else is to blame, what I can’t do, what I am limited in, etc.)
  3. No lessons (this situation has nothing to teach me, therefore I learn nothing)

Learning nothing (#3) keeps me stagnant in my life, not actively moving backwards or forwards in my life (although the end result will always be backwards movement). Negative lessons (#2) will cause me to exponentially move backwards, doing the complete opposite of growth.

Only positive lessons (#1) will lead to growth in my life.

The lessons I learn will lead to intentional action (or inaction).


  1. I was correct (what I previously learned was proven to be correct)
  2. I was wrong (what I previously learned was proven to be incorrect, so there is more to learn)
  3. I was partially correct (I will keep what was correct but there is something new to learn that I didn’t understand before)
  4. I was correct, but still need to learn more (since I was correct, this moves me to a new, and different reality, which requires me to learn more as a result to get even further than I was before)

All of these items give me the opportunity to grow, except for #1.

The danger is when I learn a negative lesson, then through my action and results, believe my negative lesson to be correct, thus changing nothing, and settling into an unending cycle of negativity that leads me backwards in my life.

When we choose to take intentional action, based off of positive learning, we will experience results that will cause us to continue to learn more. Whether the results are positive or negative, we can always learn something that changes us and propels us forward in our lives.

Only intentional action, based off of positive learning, will lead to GROWTH. This is the Growth Process that everyone follows and either leads them to success or failure.

What will you choose?

Coaching Or Mentoring?

Coaching or mentoring?

Action versus information.

Leveraging versus learning.

Doing versus being.

Which ones are most important?

coaching or mentoring
coaching or mentoring

To take action, a person first needs information. To leverage something, you first need something with which to leverage. In order to properly do something, you first need to be somebody.

One is not more important  than the other. Both of them go hand in hand. Understanding the order is important.

First, we get information, then we take action.

First, we learn something, then we leverage that learning.

First, we learn to be who we are, then we do according to who we are.

Mentoring and Coaching both fulfill distinct roles and purposes.

Imagine a glass that you drink out of. Mentoring = pouring into the glass what needs to be there. Coaching = pulling out of the glass what is already there.

Mentoring is absolutely essential. We need to have multiple mentors in different areas of our lives: finances, business, leadership, marriage, parenting, etc. Mentoring can take on many forms: people who know me, books I read, videos I watch, etc.

Coaching is also absolutely essential. Coaching moves me beyond knowledge to actually using that knowledge to accomplish something.

You can be an armchair quarterback when it comes to football, but you can’t be one when it comes to your life.

If we don’t turn our information into action, we end up being useless. If we don’t leverage our learning, we become irrelevant. If we only focus on being without doing, we die.

The biggest issue that I see today is not a lack of information, but rather a lack of action. There is a small group of people that are self-motivators. They don’t need anyone to put their feet to the fire because they do it for themselves.

But if you’re like me and the 99% of other people who are not like that (yes, I made up that percentage), you need someone to get you moving. That is what we call a coach.

Because I had a coach for the team I swam on, I showed up on time to workout…6am almost every morning for 4 years during college. Without a coach, I would have failed.

You’ve got a bunch of ideas, but up until now you haven’t done anything with them. If you need more understanding, get a mentor. But, if you’re ready to take action, then get a coach.

By the way, I am a certified coach. If you need to take some action on life stuff, business stuff, or any other stuff, I would be happy to do a coaching call with you…completely FREE. Maybe you’re stuck and don’t know how to get moving. Let’s talk!

I’m opening this up to a only ten people. Why only ten? I’m super busy! I am a pastor of a church, I’ve got a wife and five kids, and much more. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate! My goal is to help you reach your goals.

Click here to schedule a call with me.

I like forward to hearing from you!





Leveraging Loss

We all experience loss in different ways. Is there a way to use your loss for greater benefit, both to yourself and others? If you learn how to leverage your loss, then you will be further along tomorrow than you are today. How do you turn your darkness into light?

leverage your loss
leverage your loss

The problem with loss is that in most of our minds we only view it as a negative. Now, loss IS backwards movement. But, the key to understanding forward movement  is the following:

View steps backward like a slingshot. When you experience loss, you can allow one of two things to happen.

First, you can wallow in the pity of the loss, while never actually dealing with the consequences and pain of that loss. This inevitably leads to even greater loss in the future.

Second, you can accept the loss, recognize it for what it is, mourn it properly, then ask yourself this question: “How can I use this loss to get even further than I was before?” This propels you like a slingshot. It accepts the reality of the loss and leverages it to propel you even further than before.

Growth ONLY happens through loss. If you want to grow, to progress, to move forward, you WILL experience loss. And loss is painful. But, if you leverage your loss, that pain can be turned into prosperity.

Loss comes through a variety of factors. It might be due to an intentional decision on your part to lose in one area in order to gain in another. That is intentional loss. But, there is unintentional loss as well. Sometimes, the loss happens due to your own fault or someone else’s fault. Either way, you experience the pain of that loss.

So, how can you leverage your loss in order to propel yourself even further than before? Here is a simple process for you:

  1. Take account of your loss. Ask yourself this question: “What is it that I have actually lost?”
  2. Measure the impact of your loss. Ask yourself this question: “How has this loss affected me?” [emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially, mentally, etc.]
  3. Mourn your loss. Ask yourself this question: “How can I focus on this loss and honor myself or others impacted by this loss?” In other words, have yourself a “funeral”, in whatever way that applies.
  4. Learn from your loss. Ask yourself this question: “What can this loss teach me about life in general and my life in particular?”
  5. Take account of the benefits. Ask yourself this question: “Does this loss come with any benefits that I might use?” [open doors, lessons learned, new relationships, new opportunities, etc.]
  6. Leverage those benefits. Ask yourself this question: “How can I put these benefits to good use without letting them go to waste?”

I believe that you can leverage your loss if you follow this simple process. Loss is never the end. It can be the mountain you die on or it can be the slingshot that propels you to your preferred future.

The choice is yours!

Why You Shouldn’t Pray For President Trump


First of all, years ago, here’s why I wouldn’t pray for President Obama.


He doesn’t agree with my political philosophy.

He’s made horrible comments about women.

He is a racist.


Why I WILL pray for president Trump:


IF all of the above were to be true, then he needs lots of prayer!

Because no matter who is in the office of the president, NO president will ever be perfect…they all need prayer.

Because we are commanded to by Paul (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

And no, this is not the type of prayer I’m talking about!

Let’s join together and ask God to give our president peace and wisdom as he governs the affairs of our nation. Let’s ask God to bless his family. Let’s ask God for his presence to be made known in our president’s life.

What’s your choice?


¿Estás en el punto de ruptura?

Photo Jul 27, 6 31 40 PM ruptura

El punto de ruptura es el preámbulo al momento cuando estás a punto de pasar de una realidad a otra.
Es cuando tu proyecto está casi muerto, pero de repente ves un rayo de luz – una respuesta – una salida que lo traerá de vuelta a la vida.
Es cuando tu equipo de basketball va perdiendo por 10 puntos con 20 segundos por jugar, pero de pronto todo comienza a funcionar y la distancia se acorta de 10 a 8, a 5, a 2…

Es cuando tu matrimonio está en dificultades, pero de repente te das cuenta de una nueva verdad acerca de lo que necesitas hacer, y comienzas a reconstruir, paso por paso.

El punto de ruptura es un punto poderoso en la vida de cada ser humano.

Pero, necesitas entender algo sobre todo punto de ruptura:

A este punto te estarás preguntando ¿por qué es que estoy leyendo tus palabras? Pero, ¡quédate conmigo!

Verás, la complacencia trae una cierta cantidad de dolor, pero no mucho. Cuando alguien decide tratar con algún problema para poder alcanzar el punto de ruptura, es entonces cuando la cantidad mas grande de dolor comienza.

Imagina que tienes 50 libras de sobrepeso (algunos de nosotros no tenemos que imaginarlo) y no, ¡no estoy hablando de ti!

Pero si tuvieras un sobrepeso de 50 libras, seguramente estarías experimentando de una pequeña cantidad de dolor… incomodidad, reflujo ácido, dolor de espalda, etc.

Hay dolor en la complacencia. Pero, cuando finalmente decides que quieres perder ese peso y ponerte en forma, de pronto te encuentras con que tienes muchos otros niveles de dolor: levantarte temprano, seguir una dieta apropiada, dolor en los músculos por causa del ejercicio, etc.

En este punto, tu nivel de dolor se intensifica dramáticamente. Es lo mismo si tu quieres salir de tus deudas, construir un negocio exitoso, hacer cambios en tu matrimonio, vivir una vida con mas moral, o cualquier otra cosa.

Pero, ¡hay una promesa en el otro lado! El camino hacia tu éxito requiere experimentar dolor, pero una vez que llegas al otro lado del punto de ruptura, experimentarás la euforia de haber logrado un cambio mayor en tu vida. En este punto, ¡el dolor habrá valido la pena!

Quizás estas pasando por un dolor increíble en estos momentos en alguna área de tu vida. Te preguntas cuando va a terminar. Deseas que el dolor pare.

Permíteme preguntarte: ¿No será, que estas al borde de la ruptura?

Prepárate…¡porque vendrá!

Are You At The Point Of Breakthrough?

Photo Jul 27, 6 31 40 PM Breakthrough

Are you at the point of breakthrough?

The breakthrough point is the liminal moment when you are about to pass from one reality to another one.

It’s when your project is almost dead, but suddenly you see a ray of light – an answer – a way out that will bring it back to life.

It’s when your basketball team is down by 10 points with 20 seconds to go, but suddenly everything starts to click, and the distance goes from 10, to 8, to 5, to 2…

It’s when your marriage is on the rocks, but suddently you realize a new truth about what needs to happen, and you begin to rebuild, step by step.

The breakthrough point is a powerful point in every human’s life.

But, you must understand something about EVERY breakthrough:

At this point you’re wondering why you’re even reading my words! But, bear with me!

You see, complacency carries a certain amount of pain, but not much of it. When anyone decides to deal with an issue in order to achieve a breakthrough, that is when the greatest amount of pain starts.

Imagine this…you’re 50 pounds overweight (some of us don’t have to imagine this)! And no, I’m not talking about you!

But, if you were 50 pounds overweight, you would have a certain amount of pain…discomfort, acid reflux, minor back pain, etc.

There is pain to complacency. But, when you decide finally that you want to shed that weight and get in shape, all of a sudden you have a whole other level of pain: early mornings, a proper diet, sore muscles from working out, etc.

At that point, your level of pain dramatically intensifies. This is the same if you want to get out of debt, build a successful business, change your marriage, live a more moral life, or anything else.

But, there is a promise on the other side! The pathway to your success requires pain, but once you breakthrough, you will experience the euphoria of a major change in your life. At that point, the pain becomes worth it!

Maybe you’re going through an incredible amount of pain right now in some area of your life. You’re wondering when it’s going to end. You wish it would just stop.

Let me ask you this: Could it be that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough?

Get ready…it’s coming!

Volteando Piedras

volteando piedras

Me encanta el canal de televisión conocido como “The Food Network” y HGTV también. Estos son canales que yo podría mirar todo el día. De hecho son canales que he visto todo el día… ¡pero afortunadamente no recientemente!
El Chef Chris Cosentino, quien es un anfitrión en el canal “The Food Network”, cree que ninguna parte de un animal debería ser desperdiciada en el proceso de cocinar. ¡Usa todas!
Si expandimos este concepto a nuestra vida diaria, podría sonar mas o menos así:
No desperdicies ninguna oportunidad que tengas. No desperdicies ningún recurso a tu disposición.
¿Qué tan a menudo permitimos que diferentes aspectos de nuestras vidas…habilidades, recursos financieros, relaciones influyentes, nuevas oportunidades, etc…simplemente sean desperdiciados por no tomar ventaja de ellos?
Proverbios 12:27 dice,
“Los perezosos ni siquiera cocinan la presa que han atrapado, pero los diligentes aprovechan todo lo que encuentran”
La pregunta es esta: ¿Estás siendo diligente?
¿Estás usando cada recurso, cada oportunidad, cada relación a tu disposición? No estamos hablando sobre abusar, o simplemente “usar” cosas. ¡Para nada! Pero si Dios te ha dado algo para que lo uses, entonces seria una lástima no hacerlo.

Noté esto hace un par de meses mientras iniciaba una pequeña recaudación de fondos. Me di cuenta de que había gente lista y dispuesta para donar a la causa que estábamos llevando a cabo, pero que no habrían donado si yo no les hubiera hecho saber sobre lo que estábamos haciendo.

Existe una frase común en el idioma inglés que es usada con mucha frecuencia: “No dejes piedra sin voltear”

¿Estás volteando cada piedra a tu alrededor para maximizar el potencial que existe? No pierdas o dejes ir tus oportunidades y recursos que te fueron dados por Dios.

¡Vive al Máximo!

El Dolor De Las Riquezas

El dolor de las riquezas

Justo ahora me encuentro leyendo el libro de Proverbios. Como parte de los 66 libros de la Biblia, es único ya que su enfoque no está en recapitular historia, sino en compartir sabiduría sobre la vida diaria.
Ha habido muchos proverbios de este libro que han llamado mi atención recientemente. Uno de ellos es el siguiente,  lo encontramos en Proverbios 13:8 y dice:
“Con su riqueza el rico pone a salvo su vida, pero al pobre no hay ni quien lo amenace.”
‭‭Es un dicho muy simple, pero contiene un gran impacto. Compara a dos clases de personas, utilizando al dinero como el factor de conexión. Este proverbio básicamente admite una simple realidad… mientras que la persona rica tiene la capacidad de poder escapar de situaciones amenazantes usando el dinero que posee, la persona pobre, para comenzar podría jamas encontrarse en una situación amenazante.
La ecuación de ese proverbio es la siguiente: Ser rico = ser secuestrado, ser pobre = vivir en paz.
Ahora, este proverbio no es solo simplemente sobre ser rico o pobre. Y realmente no es sobre ser secuestrado. Es mas bien para comunicarnos la siguiente verdad:
Con mayores riquezas vienen mayores dificultades.
Ahora, vamos a expandir el concepto de ser rico. El concepto de riqueza puede aplicarse a dinero, influencia, poder, relaciones, recursos, etc. Entre mas rico seas en cualquier area de tu vida, vendrán sus correspondientes dificultades.
Tal vez quieras poseer tu propio negocio, crear un producto exitoso, ganar mucha influencia, o simplemente hacer algo GRANDE en alguna area de tu vida. Debes entender que al hacer eso, te estarás abriendo a pagar un costo que de otro modo no experimentarías.
Así que, ¡ve por ello! Cumple grandes sueños y alcanza grandes metas, pero prepárate para la dificultad que viene al querer vivir tu vida a ese nivel.
Si estás listo para el sacrificio, estarás también listo para el éxito que el sacrificio te traerá. Escala tu montaña, pero calcula el costo con anticipación.
¡Que tu 2017 sea un año de éxito increíble!

Turning Stones


I love The Food Network. And, HGTV as well. They’re both channels that I could binge watch all day. They’re both channels I HAVE binge watched all day…but fortunately not recently!

Chef Chris Cosentino, a host on The Food Network, believes that no part of an animal should be wasted in the process of cooking. Use it all!

If we expand this concept to our daily lives, it might sound like this:

Don’t waste any opportunity you have. Don’t waste any resource at your disposal.

How often do we allow different aspects of our lives…abilities, financial resources, influential relationships, new opportunities, etc…simply to be wasted because we don’t take advantage of them?

Proverbs 12:27 says,

   “Lazy people don’t even cook the game they catch, but the                    diligent make use of everything they find.”

The question is this: Are you being diligent?

Are you using every resource, every opportunity, every relationship at your disposal? We are not talking about abuse here, or simply “using” stuff. Not at all! But if God has given you something to be used, then it is a failure to not develop it.

I realized this a couple of months ago as I started to do a bit of fundraising. I realized that there were people ready and willing to donate to things I was developing, but wouldn’t have donated if I didn’t let them know what I was doing!

There’s a common English phrase that is used many times: “Leave no stone unturned”.

Are you turning over every stone around you to maximize the potential that exists? Don’t miss out or let go of your God-given opportunities and resources.

Live to the max!

The Pain of Riches

The Pain of Riches

Right now, I am reading the book of Proverbs. As one of the 66 books of the Bible, it’s unique in that its focus is not about recounting history, but about sharing wisdom about daily life.

There have been many proverbs from the book that have stood out to me recently. One of those is the following, found in Proverbs 13:8. It says,

   “The rich can pay a ransom for their lives, but the poor won’t even get      threatened.”

It’s a pretty simple saying, but it packs a big punch. It compares to classes of people, using money as the connecting factor. This proverb basically admits to a simple reality…while the rich person might be able to get out of a threatening situation with the money they have, the poor person would never find themselves in that threatening situation to begin with.

The equation in this proverb is the following: be rich = get kidnapped, be  poor = live in peace.

Now, this proverb is not simply about being rich or poor. And it’s not really about being kidnapped. It’s communicating this important truth:

With greater riches comes greater difficulty.

Now, let’s expand the concept of being rich. Riches can apply to money, influence, power, relationships, resources,, etc. The richer you are in any area of your life brings with it corresponding difficulties.

Maybe you want to own your own business, build a successful product, gain a lot of influence, or simply do something BIG in some area of your life. Understand that by doing so, you open yourself up to a cost that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.

So, go for it! Accomplish big dreams and big goals, but be ready for the difficulty that comes with living your life at that level.

If you’re ready for the sacrifice, you’ll be ready for the success that the sacrifice will bring. Climb your mountain, but count the cost ahead of time.

May your 2017 be a year of incredible success!