The Growth Process

Growth is natural, but it is not automatic.

Many people simply think that in order for a person to grow, they don’t have to do much of anything.


Think about it…if a child doesn’t eat food, they don’t grow! In fact, they’ll die.

So, what leads to growth in our lives? How can we choose to intentionally grow more each and every day?

I’ve developed what I call the “Growth Process”. It’s a simple process that if intentionally followed, will lead to growth in any area of a person’s choosing.

Growth is a circular reality, with one thing leading to the other. Let’s begin with the results.


  1. After taking action in some area of our life
  2. After not taking action in some area of our life
  3. After experiencing something that happens to us (outside of our control)

These results lead to a lesson learned. There is always a lesson learned. Even not learning anything is a lesson learned, since what you believe to have learned is that the results have nothing to teach you.


  1. Positive lessons (who I can become, what I can change, where I can go, what I can do, etc.)
  2. Negative lessons (someone else is to blame, what I can’t do, what I am limited in, etc.)
  3. No lessons (this situation has nothing to teach me, therefore I learn nothing)

Learning nothing (#3) keeps me stagnant in my life, not actively moving backwards or forwards in my life (although the end result will always be backwards movement). Negative lessons (#2) will cause me to exponentially move backwards, doing the complete opposite of growth.

Only positive lessons (#1) will lead to growth in my life.

The lessons I learn will lead to intentional action (or inaction).


  1. I was correct (what I previously learned was proven to be correct)
  2. I was wrong (what I previously learned was proven to be incorrect, so there is more to learn)
  3. I was partially correct (I will keep what was correct but there is something new to learn that I didn’t understand before)
  4. I was correct, but still need to learn more (since I was correct, this moves me to a new, and different reality, which requires me to learn more as a result to get even further than I was before)

All of these items give me the opportunity to grow, except for #1.

The danger is when I learn a negative lesson, then through my action and results, believe my negative lesson to be correct, thus changing nothing, and settling into an unending cycle of negativity that leads me backwards in my life.

When we choose to take intentional action, based off of positive learning, we will experience results that will cause us to continue to learn more. Whether the results are positive or negative, we can always learn something that changes us and propels us forward in our lives.

Only intentional action, based off of positive learning, will lead to GROWTH. This is the Growth Process that everyone follows and either leads them to success or failure.

What will you choose?