California Propositions

Hey everyone!

With voting day happening tomorrow, there is a lot that you can vote for if you are a California resident.

In fact, there are 17 different Statewide propositions that are on the ballot, besides voting for local issues, voting for president, etc.

So, I wanted to give you a perspective on what I’m voting for. Now, I know that some of you would like to know who my pick is for president. For reasons I’ve stated before, I’m not sharing that publicly.

But, the reality of the matter is that the propositions in our state have a lot more of an immediate impact on our lives. If you want fuller descriptions of the propositions, you can go here.

I have a few different guiding values that help me in making decisions about propositions. They are:

  1. Simple is better, especially when it comes to taxes
  2. Local (taxes, decisions, management, etc.) is better than statewide
  3. Value life and freedom above all

So, here goes!

51 – Public School bonds. I say no. In many cases, bonds turn into taxes later on. A bond is essentially a deferred tax. It would be much simpler for the government to have certain tax rates, then make a budget according to income.
52 – Medi-Cal hospital fee. I say no. This was supposed to be a temporary fee. If the original plan was temporary, then let’s keep it that way. Also, charging hospitals in order to supposedly turn around and re-invest in those same hospitals is a waste of time and money.
53 – Voter Approval for $2+ Billion Bonds. I say yes. I don’t want to say yes, because our form of government is a representative one, where we vote people into office in order to make decisions on our behalf. But, many legislators have taken so much advantage of their role, that I think this would be a worthwhile opportunity for the large projects in our state.
54 – Public Viewing of Legislative Bills for 3 Days. I say yes. Again, same as 53, I don’t want to have to say yes, but I think this is necessary for more transparency.
55 – Extension of Income Tax Increase. I say no for a few reasons. First, this tax was supposed to be temporary. So, let’s keep it that way. Second, while many would say “Hey, no problem, it’s a higher tax rate on the rich”, the reality is that it starts higher rates at the $250,000 income level. Many people at that level are small business owners who would be adversely impacted as a result.
56 – Tobacco Tax Increase. I say no. Do I like smoking? Not at all. Would I love it if no one smoked? Absolutely! But once again, there is no need to continue complicated the tax system by putting a separate tax on a certain segment of society, especially when there is no guaranteed place where the money will go.
57 – Juvenile Parole. I say no. On its face, this sounds like a good proposition, but the reality is different. For example, if someone originally did time for a small offense, then is now doing time for a bigger offense, they may get parole based off of their original small offense, regardless of what their current offense is. This doesn’t make sense. They need to go back to the drawing board on this one and rework it.
58 – Non-English Language Teaching in Public School. I say no. I believe that kids should speak many languages, but that is not what this proposition is about. The easiest way for a non-English speaker to learn English is to learn by full immersion. I have five children who have all learned Spanish at home and have had no problem going into an English-speaking school and picking it up. There are still opportunities for children who have difficulty learning English to learn in their own language. This proposition would simply create a situation where many of our students are not ready for the workforce due to limited English skills.
59 – Overturn Citizens United. I say no. Regardless of all the rhetoric out there, such as, “Big corporations can influence elections however they want”, the reality is that certain big corporations were already doing that before Citizens United. Simple case in point: media conglomerates, whether they tend to lean left (NBC), or whether they tend to lean right (FOX), already used their money to influence elections. Citizens United simply gave the opportunity to all businesses to have a voice. I believe that the best way to increase people’s knowledge is not to have limited access to information, but rather to hear from more voices, rather than just a few.
60 – Condoms in Porn Films. I say yes. Now, I am typically in favor of adults being able to choose what they want to do with their lives, even if that’s the porn industry (which does much damage to our country and the people involved in it). But there is another element to consider. There is a connection between pornography and sex trafficking. While this does not solve sex trafficking, it may provide some limited protection to those who are victims of it. For that reason, I think it’s worth it to say yes.
61 – Drug Price Standards. I say no. While on its face this proposition looks good (in order to save money on drugs), it suffers from what everyone knows as “cause and effect”. Once California departments are no longer legally allowed to purchase drugs above a certain price, certain drug companies will not sell their drugs to those departments, thus depriving people of the drugs they need. That would not be good.
62 – Repeal death penalty. I say no. I recommend that you vote your conscience on this one. Maybe on a later date I will post a fuller explanation, but put simply it’s this: Because I value life, especially the life of the victim, I believe there are certain cases where the death penalty is the only just punishment for what was done to the victim. My eyes are focused more on what is just for the victim of the crime, rather than the perpetrator of the crime.
63 – Background checks for Ammunition. I say no. It’s one thing to have it for guns. It’s a whole other thing to have it for ammunition. I don’t believe that this would actually eliminate gun crimes.
64 – Marijuana legalization. I say no. Yeah, I know how many people say that there’s no long-term harm, it’s a low-level drug, etc., but I think it’s still beneficial to use the force of law to outlaw certain things that have no proven benefit to society. Marijuana does not.
65 – Bag Revenue to go to Wildlife Conservation Fund. I say no. Basically, many grocery stores and others would be forced to no longer use disposable plastic bags (prop 67), and would be forced to charge consumers to pay for other types of bags. Then, the money charged would go to a certain fund. Why do I say no? Two reasons. First, this is more complication of taxes in our state. I already said that I like simplicity. Second, this is essentially an additional sales tax on every person in the state. For these reasons I say no.
66 – Death Penalty Quicker. I say no. While I like to streamline processes as much as possible, many people on death row who are found to be innocent of a crime are cleared of it much later than five years, which is the limit imposed on this proposition. While in this case a longer process is more complicated, I value life more than a complicated process…so “no” it is for me.
67 – Plastic Bags. I vote no. Why? I simply believe that local jurisdictions would be better to decide on this one rather than the state at large. Jobs are lost because of this. I want to take care of the environment, but I think this decision would simply be best at the local level.
I hope this was helpful! Now, if you have more questions, agree or disagree, or anything else, feel free to comment below and I’ll respond!
Happy voting!

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