Ear Tuning

Ear Tuning

As you have seen me post before, I love reading God’s Word in order to learn and grow in my relationship with Jesus. I detail about how to create a daily plan for reading the Bible HERE.

This week, I came across an interesting verse that I wanted to share with you:

Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.   Proverbs 2:2

As I read that verse it got me thinking about tuning an instrument. I’m a musician myself and play a variety of instruments. While the piano is an instrument that doesn’t need to be tuned on a daily basis, almost every other instrument is.

Every time I play the guitar I have to tune it first.

Every time I play the saxophone I make sure it is tuned.

And, every time an orchestra plays together, they all tune themselves to each other.

Almost every instrument ends up out of tune after not using it…practically on a daily basis. Sometimes the instrument may be out of tune by a large amount, other times by a small amount. The amount doesn’t matter…it happens consistently and frequently.

The same is true with our “ears”.  

Not so much the physical ones, but the spiritual ones.

And the heart ones.

And the emotional ones.

This is why the author of this portion of Proverbs, King Solomon, used this word picture. He wanted to let us know that our ears consistently end up out of tune from wisdom.

Wisdom and understanding are things that are not far away, but we can easily get disconnected from them.

This is why the words tune and concentrate are used. A good musician must both tune the instrument and concentrate closely on the music in order to produce a quality performance.

We must constantly tune our ears and concentrate on what we are doing if we are to live a life connected to wisdom and understanding.

This needs to happen on a daily basis. And, it may even need to happen multiple times during a day.

I encourage you to stop yourself consistently before playing the music of your life, so that you can be sure that the words you say and actions you take are properly tuned to wisdom and filled with understanding.

Do you need an ear tuning today?



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