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A few days ago, I wrote a blog about different ways that you can keep on learning. You can read about it here.

The first thing I mentioned was that we should read books, articles and blogs. Read as much as you can! I’ve had a long term commitment to reading, and whenever I’ve done leadership development and training, I’ve included books and articles as a part of the learning process.

Right now, the pastors of the church I lead ( are reading the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, along with me. Reading is an essential part of learning.

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I know how my life tends to work. I live life moment by moment, responding and reacting to the things that are coming at me in that exact moment.

The best lived lives are ones that build intentional patterns into how we live. Intentional patterns of rest, play, learning, working, etc.

I want to invite you to include this blog as a part of your intentional pattern of learning. By signing up, I promise that I will not spam you! On the contrary, my goal is to be a resource and a help to you as you live a life of leading yourself and leading others well.

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