Is Christianity the “Right” Religion? Part II

In Part I, I dealt with the idea that it is completely possible to have only one way for something. This can definitely apply to religion. The reality is that almost all religions declare exclusivity, including atheism! Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, atheism is science…it’s not a religion!” Since when does no belief in a god mean something is NOT a religion (think about Buddhism)?

So, let’s continue with Part II. I want to deal with the question itself. I believe that Christianity is NOT the right religion. Say what? No…I have not turned away from the Christian faith. In fact, it is my belief in this faith that makes the concept of religion so wrong!

Christianity was never designed to be a RELIGIONAt the central core of our beliefs is a Person with whom we have a RELATIONSHIP.

To declare a right religion with the name of Christianity is a hideous mischaracterization of who we are. The moment that the word “religion” is used, it diminishes the whole concept of what we believe.

You might be wondering, “Doesn’t Christianity have many of the same practices that other religions have?” Yes! Things like prayer, memorization of our Holy Book (the Bible), communities of faith, songs that are sung, and much more are found as traditional parts of Christianity, which mirror other religious preferences.

What makes Christianity different is not simply the practices themselves, but the reason BEHIND those practices.

The reason for these practices is not to simply “practice” religion…they are meant to “practice” relationship.

This difference is important. So let’s change the question! How about this: Is Jesus Christ truly God and is belief in Him and relationship with Him absolutely necessary?

In the next few parts, I will examine the differences that truly set apart Christianity (and more importantly, Jesus), from the other religions of the world. My hope is that these differences will help bring to light the need for relationship with Christ. Stay tuned!

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