I Saved My Son and He’s Mad at Me

The other day, Evelyn and I went and grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant.  We took our little ones (Isabella and David) while the other two were in school.

While we were eating, David (our 2 year old) decided that he wanted to eat as big of a piece of meat as was possible.  So, he did.  Then he started choking.

Not coughing.  Choking.  Turn blue in the face type of choking.

Here enters father (aka Superman).

I reached over the table and hit him hard on the back 3 times.  He immediately spit up his food.

Thank God!

Then an interesting thing happened.  He looked at me and almost started to cry.  His look was one of anger.  He immediately cuddled with my wife, trying as much as possible to ignore me.

I thought when we save people there was supposed to be some type of gratitude.  Some acknowledgement of the good that was done.  Some appreciation for risking my perfectly good eating hand to save his life (ok…it wasn’t that much of a risk).

No.  Only anger.

And it made me think.

The reason he wasn’t happy with me is that he didn’t understand the fact that he was in trouble.  Although he definitely felt the pain of his situation, he couldn’t connect his pain to my actions, which were meant to relieve his pain.

He didn’t have enough faith and trust to believe that what I was doing was for his good.  While he had to suffer momentary pain, in the end, his life was being saved!

And so it is with us.

So many times, God has to take us through moments of pain in order to save us.

We may not understand the full reality of our situation.  We may not know that we are in deep trouble.  But, God does.

And he responds.

The problem is that many times we lack the faith to believe that what God is doing is meant to help us…not hurt us.  We get angry with God, wondering why he allows certain things to happen to us.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the bad thing that’s happening to you is something that is saving you from much worse?

If we have the wrong perspective, we end up getting angry with God, instead of thanking him.

Choose to thank God today, and he just might reveal to you the “what” and the “why” of all those things that have happened to you.  Choose to look to God with eyes of faith, trusting that he is looking out for you and knows what you need.

For the record, David was happy with me about 5 minutes later.

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